Lyrics to One Reason
One Reason Video:
At least we'll get a story from it.
Let's go find a nice place to sit.
Where we can spit in the wind;
Confess all our sins,
Before we turn oursevles in.

We must be out of our wits,
Like a temptress in love.
We're going to pull down the bridge,
Just to watch it come tumbling down.

Oh, yeah...
All right...

Just give me one reason.
Just give me one - check it, get it now.
Just give me one reason.
Check it, get it, oh I'll take you all down.

Confess to doctors not priests,
Who you gonna trust or believe?
Leave the priests to the recently deceased,
And let the rest of us get on with our lives

We could get that bullet out. There's a man I've been hearin' about.
And for a nominal fee,
He'll do anything anything we need.
Oh yeah, all right


Before we go there my friend.
Tell me, where have you hidden the cash?
Tell me where you stashed it,
Before the life leaks out of that hole in your brest...

There's a hole in your breast...
There's a hole in your breast.

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