Lyrics to one piece
one piece Video:
You've always known the answer, haven't you?
You opened an umbrella for me on a rainy night
I can't say anything like this; I don't know
I walked on this road that you lit up for me
No matter what

Small things were connected
Even though we may have fought
One by one, they overlapped
A colorless puzzle
I've found the final piece

The dream I've always seen has come true
I closed my frightened eyes
And my tears of joy and scars disappeared
Engraving everything into my mind
Hearing a soft voice, I grasped your hand
Facing forward, if I open my eyes
So that I won't see anything else
In that scenery, what I saw clearly was you

(my last one piece is just your voice
my last one piece is in my hand now...)

The bubbles that burst that day
Were found up on the roof
And the promise that moved me

I've been wrong about many things
I had started to forget those first feelings
So that I can't get used to happiness
I want these to reach you
These endless feelings as they are

Confirming my wounds
I don't know the right answer
But I think I'm fine with that
Tightly holding this one piece
I won't let go

I'm still on the way to my dreams
Feeling frightened as always
I even found sadness on tips of joy
I'll take them with me to tomorrow
Believing, giving up
Repeatedly reached
I've never seen anything like it
In this scenery, ten years from now too
I want to see you again

(my last one piece is just your voice
my last one piece is in my hand now...)
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