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Kitchens Of Distinction

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Lyrics to One Of Those Sometimes Is Now
One Of Those Sometimes Is Now Video:
No sliver of moon
The dark hurts my eyes
Dream-chimed awake, solemnized

Counting the breaths
That threaten the calm
Cos you're not here and it's too late to call

Cruel scenes of how bad I've been
Pulled low, oh how could I know?
Fogs, voices, tears

Sometimes I lie shaken awake
Blistered with crazy thoughts of you
And a hundred ways to lose
Sometimes sense is too remote
Dark stars threaten to conspire
They scare like your eyes
One of those sometimes is now

Waiting for safety
In the solace of the sun
When the fevers of love are driven home

Help me forget
The last touch of you
I can't believe I didn't say I love you

Sometimes I feel such shame
Lost words, hide my eyes
I'm not myself with you
Sometimes I feel such blame
How could I ever explain?
When one of those sometimes is now.
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