Lyrics to One More Addiction
One More Addiction Video:
First the good news
it's gonna feel very nice
then the bad news
you gotta pay a heavy price
rip tide, we slide we ride on a deep forbidden sea
underwe go - o so slow
and you're hanging onto me
and I say
oh oh one more addiction in my world
oh one more connection to let go
oh flowing down the river
out of sight forever (from my world)

it's the only thing I know how to do
I reject you
but I can't follow through
I'd forget you
but you'd end up tappin' on my back door
somehow I lost myself
in a tunnel long and black
somewhere, at the end, I pretend
there's a way of turning back

take a breath
let it out
all the things you frown about are meaningless of course,
unless you're doing this for real I guess
I meant to but
I don't know what
is in the way and could I say
it's you I bet
I won't forget
maybe I'm not ready yet

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