Lyrics to One Mo Gin
One Mo Gin Video:
[Verse 1]
Lately I've been throwing hints around there
(I been trying to get you to)
Try to get you to talk about it (what do I got to do to)
To get you to see (see)
Them other dudes they ain't me
They want to show you the same thing u already seen
I know you got another try in ya oh baby

[Hook (1x)]
Oh baby
Girl I know your other man must of hurt you so baby
Why you got me on hold baby
Can you just give me the chance I should of had before baby
Give it a chance girl one mo gin

[Verse 2]
What ever happened before you had me girl that don't matter no more
And I don'twant to lie and say imma take it away when I know I won't
(Girl I know I can make you forget about him)
I can show you how to live
(live without him)
I go heart and the pain I ain't what you thinkin just believe it I can do it
ohhh baby

[Hook (1x)]

I know you heard it all before so
(so baby imma just get right to it)
And if u let it flow
(I'll give it to you)
And make you see that that I want to be in your life
Let me show how to do it right
ohhh baby

[Hook (2x)]
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