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Lyrics to One Life One Love
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One Life One Love Intro: (Qpid) There's no guitar line in my headphones (Wan) It's really low (Qpid) it's really low man (Wan) Turn that shit up (Qpid) Shut the fuck up I'm recording (laugh) He's still recording (Wan) This is some serious shit (Qpid) uh BumLife baby yo .. yo is this thing on ..Lets do this .. BumLife one! Qpid Verse 1: I'm about a get crazy/ I can't get lazy/ no matter how long how far it can't fade me/ i dont give a fuck i still be rymin til I'm 80/ catch me in my grave and I'll come back and start sprayin/ platinum bum is how I'd say it if I'm famous/ try to hold me down and you can take it up the anus/ Qwan and Jammz is right about to get contagious/ tell me how you like it when you hear me in the latest/ type of news about these bums/ who lived one life one love/ lived it up never giving a fuck/ listen up/ born and raised on the westside/ now livin and sleepin to swedish clock time/ yo family prayin to hear them world wide/ cause moms and pops can't take this bumlife/ show me love come and give me hug a little shove yo/ can you give me one life to love! 2x Chorus: One life one love I live my life like a bum/ I do it all for my music/ One life one love I gotta keep on goin til that platinum moment/ Wan verse 2: Call me Loco cause I do this for a passion/ I got no money and I got no mansion/ I look like a bum but lets say it's Qwan fashion/ I got no car but I get alot of motion/ I got no dough but I gotta stay focused/ I'm played by the game cause that's my love potion/ (Qpid) So love me hug me hold me I need you tell me that you always gon be there/ (Wan) When I drop my thing I drop it platinum bum represent for the westside love baby baby!! Qpid verse 3: All my BumLife Troops listen up/ line up step up move up clear the way movin through/ skip to my lou this is how we do when we crew/ the Qwan bumlife crew here to fuck wit you so/ time to poor the city/ we ride full inning/ it's time for the bumlife commitee yo!! 2x Chorus Break: (Qpid) ohhh westside til we/ hello is this thing on/ 1 mic check Qwan music bumlife come on yo Lets go get it baby 4x Chorus fade out......

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