Lyrics to One Life
One Life Video:
Here I sit and cry for nothing
thinking about true love
that changes everything
What we had was false romancing
though I tried a million times
to let you in
let you in

Every time
I'm felling sad
I know it must must be you

One Life and what you gonna do about it
two hearts that love was blinded
count three times that we tried
and what for
One Life and that's about it
to bad we could not make it
and this time you're not mine anymore

Though I try to be so patient
but it still keeps hurting me
so deep inside
deep inside
Here I sit alone in silence
wishing you to lay again here
by my side
by my side

Every time
my phone don't ring
I knowing must be you

One Life
two hearts
who counts these stars
there's no love
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