Lyrics to One Last Salute
One Last Salute Video:
Restless with the endless hurt of waiting
Trembling with the fear of wasting
It all on someone else,
All on something else.

Somehow, I always knew they'd come for us.
But even if this sad world caught us,
Why come running with your hands up?

Yeah, you still play.
The dream doesn't die, it just walks away.
And you don't chase,
Hope it stays near.
It will never disappear.
If you can just keep an eye on it,
It won't disappear…
But it's never looked farther from here.

Then maybe I wouldn't be hanging around
Here in Old Watertown,
Pushing pallets around for someone else.

Lately, I've been crawling through the wires,
Whispering as the Hurt transpires,
Is anybody trying to get us out of here?

You still say,
The dream doesnt die, it just walks away.
You don't chase and pray it
Does not disappear.

It's never looked farther than here

Wishing we could go back
To when I felt something, anything

I need a reaction
My soul satisfaction
Because I see the writing on the wall…

In the walls of the hospitals,
We're screaming things that can't be proved.
How this whole thing was unstoppable,
We were burdened with its proof.
Like how the beating comes free for all,
But you'll pay for every bruise.
You didn't choose, still we lose.

In the walls of the hospital,
Screamed the ones they couldn't use
We can't hold ‘em responsible,
But, we can't let them run loose.
Chain gang baby playing rock'n'roll
And the mischief that ensued.
So please, one last salute
For the way that we lose.

We been knocked around,
We been kicked down.
When the floor gave out,
We found common ground.
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