Lyrics to One Last Chance
One Last Chance Video:
We used to be friends but you don't seem to understand
All your lies and broken trust show you don't care
About me, my feelings, the bond we held
What seems to be gone is the specialness that we felt

You turned your back on me way too many times
You always say your sorry but it seems like all lies
Feelings beat down without a regret
All the pain you have caused is so hard to forget

ONE last chance is what im offering to make a change
WE can try harder so things won't be this way

Our friendship has been strong through all the times we fell
Has it finally been broken? only time will tell
I think that your selfishness has gotten in the way
Always concerned with yourself, always afraid

To give you one last chance seems so hard
Your insincerities have pushed me too far
I am willing to make a change
this choice is in your hands and you've got nothing to say

ONE LAST CHANCE, to make it all true
ONE LAST CHANCE, is all up to you
ONE LAST CHANCE, is what it might take
ONE LAST CHANCE, to prove your trust can be replaced

Can't accept the blame for something you've done wrong
You're too weak to admit defeat, to weak to move on
I'm not holding grudges or living in the past
I wish you were trully sorry but thats something you don't have

To find that bond again we need to be true
Pettiness, lies, pride is what we need to see through
Its not all your fault, its some of mine
I just want to try ONE LAST TIME
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