Lyrics to One In A Million
One In A Million Video:
Underneath the hot summer sky
I'm burning up like Hell's own flames
I've got the torment of the damned
I'm out of my mind with you

Two wounded angels against the cruel storm
That's tortured us since we were born
Think of me when you're lost in pain
I'm out of my mind with you

‘Cause you're one in a million

As the sun sets in the sky
I want you here in the dead of the night
Want you here to set me free
To save is from them all

Come to me, sweet heaven made flesh
For I will want you ‘till the eve of my death
For only you shine above all of the rest
I'm out of my mind with you

Give me the fire of your heart's desire
Make me a whore and make me a child
Give to me the grace of your smile
I'm lost in the dream of you
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