Lyrics to One Day
One Day Video:
Yo who stepped off rage Broke cracked bottle tops spilled this forever Whites no trace leather jacket zipped up to his face He dipped behind the wall Shalenka couldn't aim to touch it These cats have started something that they couldn't finish Now they flee the country Yo shot guy God please forgive this life we're living Takin' mans for diems aiyo hands on your head where I can see 'em The chron's shone, spit out the combine I'm tryin' to make my exit real quick We leave no form of evidence [Chorus] Bakin' slugs out the dark Wild shoot-outs through the park These jail houses overcrowdin' All my thugs remain calm Money turnin', trees is burnin' But one day, it'll be gone (now one day) I'm your suspect Yo, heavy chrons with small engravments Digits wit' small letters that name it Man created, but always to blame it I'm far rusted, pushin' your glusted, you busted and pussy Open your face and get chopped, just like a cussy You're pyro, I got one eye lookin' straight down the barrell Don't mistake me for shhhh, I'll eat your food and real quick Burn up the gear I dressed in Meanwhile the motive got them itchin' questions and guesses What would you ask God if you had one question? Aiyo, deal wit' your family in your life Don't try to flop mine, they puttin' over dates and trials Little snitches turn into coffins and push six A man could be my worst enemy, I'll take this >From pyramids, beer caps to dollar bills with faces Got me chasin' bloody papers Scatterd 'cross the floor like forty acres So tired that, better yet, picture this from beer caps To dollar bills, black clips, lyrical high tips [Chorus] Yo, half a dutch inside a candle seed Liquor bottles in cemetarys 'Nuff built up inside my body, but the Lord is my salvation Still have to make a move, cause just put off Broken fingers on metal tables, hands off, I'll pull off Black caddies and starlen windows that's bulletproof All you could see is fog off the door And richotched to the floor Thirty-four fours, align your back, all straight to your jaw's jaws All pause, lookin' through the barrell, it's all yours [Chorus]

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