Lyrics to One Day
One Day Video:
a little child with larger eyes
making faces from the clouds above
so simple in so many different ways
his mom and dad would fix his hair
before he went outside to play
the tightest grip on every word they say

one day i will come for you
so you won't be alone
one day i will come for you

walking home from school one day
he jumps the cracks the backs he saves
will always take the time to understand
the way he wears his clothes
the crazy things he thinks he knows
the astronaut the football star
and all his muddy friends

now his eyes have changed
so long to this little one
and all the things that little ones will do

older now my friends all gone
I never thought I'd ever end up missing
all the times we used to share
suffering is not discerned
neither has love been learned
can you take me back to younger days
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