Lyrics to One Day
One Day Video:
I wake up in the yard, strange where's my bed
The trees are coming down, to cover up my head
and now I see your outline, above the world
and nothings left to know besides our broken bones
Crying out to your daughters

Don't believe your dying
Can't you hear the sirens
Don't believe your dying
Don't give out I'm trying
Now we've only got our lives to live, and eyes to see it go

I wont get up,
it's all to nice to throw out
I've never seen you so delighted,
oh can't you tell
I know I've said to much, well
I count the stars in order

Don't believe your dying
Can't you see I'm smiling
Your meant to see a fine life
Come believe with your eyes

And all the seas are shining
Cause now I see you smiling
I've never seen you like this, and
I will never forget

So lets go into the world and show them they need a heart, and hold their arms
and two thousand sounds to get their mouths filling hearts of gold, the whole world will know our eyes,
and see their troubled lives,
one day
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