Lyrics to One Concern
One Concern Video:
Well I don't want wealth, what can it buy? What can I purchase that'll satisfy? "You want success, well you better invest" But there's still distress, don't buy their lie. Money in the bank think you're scot free. More anxiety, false security. Desire to accumulate, it'll never satiate. Another fish takes the bait, You know it's not the answer. My one concern is not own land or sky or ocean. Or get up on some stage and go through some motions. I want this iron heart of mine to soften with some emotion. My one concern: to manifest devotion. I'm not looking for a game that call romance. I've been in that trance and it's all skin deep. But yes I want love that's what I'm dreaming of. I know it's there but it ain't that cheap. Don't want skin attraction, promising satisfaction. Big distraction from what I really need. Scratch the itch, watch desire increase. Where is the peace? You know it's not the answer. Don't want pats on the back. Shows and powerful fans, already think I'm bigger than I really am. I've experienced fame, it's a trip on the brain. And it made me insane, I'm just a tiny man. People pound the pavement they want to make it big. Big star, big band, or the perfect gig. Cut through the illusions. Hype is just confusion. You know the conclusion. You know it's not the answer

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