Lyrics to One Big Apology
One Big Apology Video:
I look in the eyesof my drunk friendsand I see my fatherand it weighs me downthey don't know whether they love methey won't fight meor how much they've hurtand it weighs me downIt's just one big apologyIt's just one big apologyhow do you work up so much emotionover something that's overonce now (?)how do you make things biggermake things smallerto gte where your goingor think you areIt's just one big apologyIt's just one big apologyI thougt my way around itI've thought of all these thingsI thought if you could saveyou could own a life (?)The siren gets the bad repwhen she brings sinners inyeah, they should all know betterbut thery'e just finding better things

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