Lyrics to Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time Video:
That night
I'd been in every single street in this town
And after that I took another round
I was tying to get wasted in this abandoned station
I thought I could trick myself away
I wrong, and I acted like a stupid kid
I know I haven't changed
I tried to be brave
But I wasn't OK
I wasn't OK
Not at all
I kept it all inside and began to fall

Yeah once upon a time
Yeah there was a boy who wanted to fly
One day he died trying
Yeah he said it was worth a try x1

Good morning everybody
Oh how much I need to do
I've gotta save the world, you know the rules
You finally come back home x2

It's getting harder all the time to get up in the morning
You know I'm just trying to survive
I've gotta take over my mountains and build up new bases
Or I'm gonna get stuck in the mud
I've gotta get out
It's so empty here without you and I'm scared that you're not coming back
My friends I need you now so I wouldn't feel so lonely
Lord, please give me something else to think about

Oh yeah... OOOOOOOooooooo
Instrumental Break
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