Once Again (Samplings Remixed) Lyrics

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Lyrics to Once Again (Samplings Remixed)
Once Again (Samplings Remixed) Video:
Samplings (as appear in song)
Song Time 2:40

Ciara - Goodies 0:00
Boston- Foreplay/Longtime 0:00
Ludacris- Pimpin' Around the World 0:12
Fabulous- Breathe 0:32
Ying Yang Twins- Wait 1:16
The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony 1:23
Slim Thug- I Ain't Heard of That 1:44
Oasis- Wondrwall 1:57
Arrested Development- Tennessee 2:06
Webbie- Give Me That 2:08
Young Jeezy ft. Mannie Fresh- And Then What 2:08
Genesis- Follow you Follow me 2:19
Ratatat- Bustelo 2:19
The Five Stairsteps- O-o-h Child 2:30
Eminem- Ass Like That 2:38 to end
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