Lyrics to On Top
On Top Video:
Yeah [3x][Loon]Yo I'm a gangsta, outlaw; indoor, outdoorNigga tell me, right, Loon goin south paw (that's right)It's Bad Boy we don't give a fuck about y'all (that's right)Step in the room see the bitch come up out y'all (that's right)I fuck with niggas but it's something about y'all (uh huh)Actin like Loon can't do shit without y'all (c'mon)I caught my menses in Benzes that out y'alls (yeah)See how it feel when your friends be without y'all (that's right)I been doin it, coke I been movin itBefore you niggas thought of the block I been through with itKeep confusin this music shit, die for some foolishnessFrontin like you a hardware usin bitchYou hit the block, prolly lose your whipNiggas (yeah) snatch your watch and the rocks out your crucifixWatch (yeah) how we do this shit, (c'mon) Bad Boy 2Kin it (uh huh)So playboy, what type of paper is you playin wit[Chorus ­ Marsha ­ 2x]See that Bad Boy on the countdown (on the countdown)Too slow can't keep up, no, better run (better run)Don't stop, what we gone too far (yeah)Don't flop, what we just too large (oh)[P. Diddy]Let's get, one thing clear (that's right)Still the same cat who put the flavor in ya ear (c'mon)Still the same cat who let the BIG rock with Tony (yeah)Most wanted successful rap mogul (uh)Still got niggas wilin out on the floor (let's go)Still got the sky-blue drop-toppers on (yeah)Still eat at Justin's in Sean John velour (that's right)Still humble (c'mon) and still want more (uh)Still hate war, still want peaceAnd I still can't stand to see blacks beefiny'all still sleepin and we still eatinStill bring that heat, wilin out on the weekendsStill happy in black and don't need a reason (that's right)Still platinum back in London and Sweden (c'mon)Still pack the garden like Adam did Eve ?n (yeah)I still got rhymes to (yeah) leave your girlfriend freakinHaha Haha Haha Ha (I like that)(C'mon)(Let's go)[Chorus ­ 2x][Loon]Aiyo, besides all the money and richesVideos and pictures, slippin, these silly hos will get ya (c'mon)But not me, I'm too cockyI love when the women scream ?Hey Papi? (that's right)I love when a chick leave my crib knock-kneed (c'mon)And I love when a playa-hata try to knock me (yeah)Or cock-block me (yeah) but you can't stop meYou come for all you want (yeah) but you (yeah) can't top me[P. Diddy]Yeah I'm just a B-A-D (c'mon) B-O-Y (that's right)Son we multiply, nigga we don't dieNiggas frontin like we ain't fly (say what)But nigga can't name nothing that we ain't buy (c'mon)Or we ain't try, (that's right) or we ain't drive (yeah)The judge said ?not guilty? and he ain't lie (he ain't lie)Niggas need a hit it's to me they cry (c'mon)So why front like nigga (yeah) P-D ain't live (yeah)C'mon, man (let's go)[Chorus ­ 4x][Marsha]We got some, real niggas, real blingas, real money makersNo- (Bad Boy baby) Bad Boys on top (we ain't goin, we ain't goin)They won't stop (we ain't gonna stop)No, we got some, real niggas, real blingas, real money makersNo play, Bad Boys on topThey won't stop

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