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Ice MC

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Lyrics to On The Scene
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Oho oho oh Oho oho oh Tonight you?re on the scene Try to fulfill your dream This is from me to you Just let the vibe come through Seh I take off me the dirty clothes from the daytime And I jump in the shower ?bout quarter to nine Wash my underarm and give my dreadlocks a scrub Then I dry off myself and then me wash me the tub Mi put on me trousers then me put on my shirt Pick up me boot and then mi clean off the the dirt Put on my crown my jacket pick up me carn An den me pick mi key shut the door an mi garn Jump in mi car Shabba on the stereo Turn the ignition an mi drive off slowly Take my time because me car it cris and mi Wah dem for see how mi bombastic Shabba the did a hola an the bassline a barl Get me na the mood fi go in the dance hall When mi reach the vibe the d heart That?s the right kinda crowd mi wah see in the party Me seh halt an pull up me seh pull up selecter Dash on a tune fi make me wine with this s sister After me done me go check the bartender Gimme a brandy an what ever fi Brenda Bassline heavy come in like John Candy Brenda the da bubble yes mi lick off me brandy Ganja smoke you could cut with a knife Give thanks an praises to Jah Jah for my life

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