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Pretty Ricky

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Lyrics to On The Hotline (Remix)
On The Hotline (Remix) Video:
(feat. Rick Ross)

[Rick Ross Speaking:]
Rick Ross, Ricky Ross, Rick Ross, Ricky Ross
305, Bluestars
Pleasure, Spectacular, Slick Em.
It's Da Movement

It's 5 In Da Morning
And I'm Up Havin Phone Sex With U(So Horny, So Horny)
And Now I'm On The Hotline
Over Here Lustin 4 U(So Horny)

[Rick Ross:]
Leave The Club, And I'm Steppin In Da Phantom
Since I'm Gettin Money Now, They Say I'm Really Lookin Handsome(Ross)
But Really I Ain't In To Dat, I Took Her To The Crib
Baby Girl Dis Where We Chillin At(Yeah)
I'm Tryin To Push It To The Limit Though
Do It Like A Pro, And I'mma Put U In My Video(Video)
U Need A Set Of Car Keys, I Took Her Out Da Hood
Now She Steppin In Cavalli(Cavalli)
Watch Rolex, Pull Up 6:45
Time 4 Some More Sex
U Know I'm In The Front Thangs
Gave Her 2 Grand Just To Get A Tongue Ring
Took Her Down To Worth Ave
Put A Pole In Da Crib
Just To Let Her Work Dat
I'm A Boss U Should Know Dat
Pullin On My Pants, So I Think She Wanna Go There

It's 5 In Da Morning
And I'm Up Havin Phone Sex With U(So Horny, So Horny)
And Now I'm On The Hotline
Over Here Lustin 4 U(So Horny, So Horny)

Let's Talk About Sex Baby
Let's Talk About U & Me
Let's Talk About Bubbles In The Tub
Let's Talk About Makin Love
Let's Talk About U On Top
Or Me Going Down
Let's Have A Little Phone Sex Baby
On The Hotline

[Baby Blue:]
On The Hotline, The Sun Ain't Up But I Had To Call Ya
Cuz I'm Home Alone Lustin 4 Ya
I'm In My Room, Nothin But A Towel On
Take Them Granny Pants Off, Put A Thong On
I Love It When I Hear Ya Moan
U Got That Sexy Tone That Makes The Dick Long
U In A Complete Other City On The Fanline Wit Nothin But A Baby Tee On
U Da Kinda Girl That's Sexy In The Boxer Shorts
I'm Da Kinda Nigga That Make U Ride It Like A Porsh
Yeah I Met U On MySpace, Now I'm Bout To Fly U Out To My Place N Da Morning

[Hook & Chorus]

[Slick Em:]
It's 5:30 In The Morning(Good Morning)
I'm Horny (Horny)
I'm Lonely(I'm Lonely)
Touchin And Rubbin
Call Me (Call Me)
U Coming (U Coming)
Called You 7 Times Baby Girl Don't Stall Me
I Wanna Kiss U From Yo Temple To Ya Feet
To The Dimples In Ya Cheek To The Middle Of Yo G-String
Conversation Underneath The Sheets
You Know Me Red Bull Like A Energy I'mma Freak

Baby Girl Say She Loves Phone Sex
Say The Sound Of My Deep Voice Make Her Wet
You Call Me 5 A.M. On The Dot
Now I'm Thinking Bout U With Panties No Top
Picture This U Say U Comin Over
Thirty Minutes Later U Was Parked In A Rover
Jumped Out The Car And I Met U At The Door
Three Seconds In The House And Ya Panties On The Floor
Kiss You In The Mouth Lay Ya Hands On My Cheeks
Straight Action On The Carpet Rug Burns On My Knees
Now You On The Phone Like 'Damn I Made A Mess'
Got My Hands In My Pants
Man I Love Phone Sex

[Hook & Chorus]
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