Lyrics to On That Day
On That Day Video:
Running out of gas in the fast lane
Trying to keep pace in the race
Striving to be one step ahead of the rest
Believing that there's no such thing as second best

All the money that he saved
All the children that he raised
All the friends that he made
They could not save him on that day

Rushing to the hospital short of breath
The doctor said if you don't slow down you'll be facing certain death
Later that night his wife helped him to bed
He closed his eyes and fell asleep, he never woke up again


When mother told her son that their friend passed away
All he could do was stare at her because he didn't know what to say
Finally he asked how his friend had died
She just shook her head and grabbed him, they both broke down and cried


They could not save him
Oh no don't go
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