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David Rovics

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Lyrics to On Night In Greece
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I'll tell you a story, I swear it's true It was a sunny afternoon September 10th, 2001 We were minding our business, having fun Hanging out on the coast of Greece A long way from the belly of the beast We were drinking and talking and things were good Living it up as best we could Then a yacht so big it blocked the sky Entered the view of our collective eye It was ostentatious beyond description It made old Greek ladies have conniptions And as this bloated behemoth trundled past We got a square view of the mast And at the top, ten meters high Was a sight that made the village cry An American flag of such massive girth It seemed to take up half the earth Now maybe it had to do with the dictatorship But the Greeks among us began to flip We were women and men of various stations An international delegation And all of us there on the sand Knew this situation couldn't stand As the yacht set down it's anchor And sat there like some oil tanker Well we drank and talked and talked and drank The sun went down and then it sank By midnight we'd reached a solution How to deal with this air pollution We thought we'd swim out and we'd check If there was a staircase to the deck So we stripped down and swam out there And sure enough there were the stairs Then a Libyan student named Osama Took the lead role in the drama He climbed the stairs and then the flagpole It was a sight to feed a weary soul Hanging naked with us beneath He bit the flag off with his teeth And flag in hand he jumped down And we dragged the flag back into town A small victory one may note Just a flag upon a boat Revolution it was not But one more rich prat in his yacht Might think twice before he sets sail With a flag the size of a fucking whale And our reward for this little caper? A year's supply of toilet paper!

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