Lyrics to On My Way
On My Way Video:
Something happened yesterday, I thought I finally was ok, I found a job and got a new appartement. Parked my car in second street, they stole it while I had to meet a friend who worked in the pölice department It´s just like rain On new years day I´m up, I´ m down I´m lost, I´m found I leave, I stay I´m on my way It´s still the same The same old game I loose today I´ m on my way I was pretty close to heaven, fell in love on april seven but on April eight he ran away As I crossed the empty street, by lucky accident I´d meet a good old friend who came to town that day We talked ´til late He said ?I´ll stay? I´m up, I´m down? Sometimes nothing´s going right But things will turn out fine, be patient I know time is on my side Time to change your mind, alright I got fired in the meantime, I have lost it all Nothing seems to be just going right On the other hand I´m free, got nothing left to lose and nothing to worry about It´s like the sun For me alone I´m up, I´m down?

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