Lyrics to On My Throne
Pouring hours to silence
Cannot find my throne
What did you bring for my doom?
Sleep of a hurricane
Thanks for asking, all is fine
It's just the sound of a time in me
New dawn will bring new flood

I never meant to force my dreams
Can’t push my heart aside
Always painting my mind
With you, new dawn in sight
Roses and droseras
Cards closer to my chest
As I am waiting for you
To show the real numbers

Take a bullet, bullet, bullet to my fucking head
So much wasted time on those bridges
All really to see the day
There's a pretender on my throne
Left behind me

Take this crown, I fall right here
But I don't claim we’re never one and whole
If that's all she wrote
Forgive my lack of grace
Forgive my lack of faith
Forgive my lack of
I wish that I could say
Now this was meant to be

The cold is real, guess that's all I know
The scars I feel, guess they will not go
Embracing time as I fall in life
Dethrone my presence
Decrown my heart instead
'Cause no more, no long
Thorns feel none if life's so fucking cheap

There's a pretender on my throne
I take a bullet, bullet, bullet to my fucking head
Whenever you cannot run away with me
In the end of our road
You'll put the crown back on my throne