Lyrics to On Both Eyes
On Both Eyes Video:
And when the floor gave out, we made our way to the ground
And laid for hours.
In the ashen dirt, we knew we didn't have much
But it was ours.

Between loneliness and some broken love,
I'd choose none of the above.
They say we wanted it a little too much…

Oh, it's a distant land:
The one where we live,
But it slipped from our hands.
The grass overgrown, the broken family home,
See the place where we grew up

Turned a circus for gamblers and gawkers and thieves.
When the word got around, we spilled out on the streets.
As the banks decorate every house in defeat.

All set to expire,
A fighter past his prime.
My daddy said,
No one likes a whiner,
But I got shiners on both eyes.

Boy, is there a job for you?
And if there was,
Would you even want to?

‘Cause when the floor gave out, we made our way to the ground
And laid for hours.
Cut-up and hurt, you held me firm.
The world moved on without us.
I know my honesty's a little too much,
But there's no one fighting for us.
Is there something here that you can still love?


Still my memory stays and replays
The first time that we held
Or was it our world at all?
Young and racing towards nothing
Was it our world at all?
Burning headlong with the blinders on
Sold all my stock of the American dream.
More than someone to fuck
Before we all fall asleep.

I see a broken world coming for us

And Maria,
It's you and me
Fighting for love.

If we can believe it's enough,
We'll take the bombs from the great above

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