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It takes flight with a real nigga come closer to ya drink ya boi berg get chased like some clear liquor she neva hung round a real nigga she ain't want the last nigga afta billion put da dick in ha um on a pill inda benz with da stick in it ha momma kno um young so she think da thang rented so I laugh and just keep blowing and continuing this thang kalled weed smoking and listen I dnt make love baby I make majic berg go deep like da pool at hadley berg rep. the colors as the teams at hadley the weed so expensive I ain't even wana ask'em you kan ask ashely how I went to smash ha out on the beach I swear everything happen I hit ha in the studio hit ha inda back seat of the magnem inda alley on south beach um the biggiest boss that you seen dus far I ran thru the whole west I ain't even have a car you can tell by the boongy that's standing on the couch if a nigga get out of line they gettin wiped out and da first time I dyked a girl out trick taught me alive it's like ridin a bike ni n
The supercharge low key bumping the lights out onda mission with some bad ass vision I smoked a 50 todays proud bitches study snithing todays fuck niggas be da yesterdays dinner berg sip yak berg smoke kush you better holda ha tight b4 ya bitch get took hold up

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