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Lyrics to On A Christmas Day
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Walking along the sidewalkWatching the children playingI have seenSmiling faces waiting for christmas dayiHding behind a cornerA boy turned around to say:"I have seen a thousand people crying on a christmas day"While I tried to answerThe boy disappeared into the nightOn my own; I was left there wonderingIf he was rightAnd I began to think about itWas it ever meant to be that way"Love is the answer" said a voice in the crowd and I saw that boy run away"Why don't you stay? Where did you hide?Will I see you again?Why don't you stay?"And as I stood there aloneStaring into the nightI have seen a thousand people searching for the lightIf you are lost and lonelyIf you're alone todayFind that boyAnd let him show you, the wayAnd he will care about you when the night is longHe will make you smile again and sing alongLet's join our hands and let us prayFor love on christmas day

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