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Lyrics to Om: The Meaning Of Life
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See light of sun fallen leaves on the ground
Hear stream of song but my ears they hear no sound
But nothings ever really there

Wind whispers Om chanting love there is no doubt
Be here and now obstacles we are without
Though nothings ever really there

Time has no place carry on there is no pace
Turn round and round consciousness will lead the way
Cause nothings ever really there

She turns me on
Lights the way with rays of sun
And leaves me for tomorrows holiday

And still I try forming words I cannot say
She leaves me for tomorrow anyway

I walk the line I tow behind me all those happy days
And after all I'll feel the fall and I hope you land my way
Sow the seeds of revolution
Tip the scales of evolution

I take a ride that I may find a place to lay my head
And when your gone I'll carry on
Though I may see no end
We're all searching for solutions
Living in this institution

One step on and I feel the sun
And I'm coming down and then
I still feel the morning breeze and it gets me back again
I feel so alive
I see no more light
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