Lyrics to Ole
Ole Video:
Stumbling on your tiptoes

Staining all your good clothes

Sewer water streetlight hour

You try to wave a cab

But you lose your own direction

You try to find a phone in the middle of the street

If they culd only see me

Slobbering fellini

Master of the happy hour

Just trying to make a buck

Asleep out in the office

The star of the Christmas party

Ole, Ole, Ole

Stumbling to the bistro

Breaking in your new sole

Blackened sneaker codfish plate

May I see the winelist

Darling it's the finest place

To make a deal with the CEO

Later at the launchpad

Relaxing with the dewar's and

Listening to kinda blue

Sweaty loosened necktie

Baby, this is living

Late nights playing Russion remote control

Ole ole ole

Forty-five at Twenty

Making lots of money

Saving for a sunny day

Alpha Delta handshake

Give a guy a taxbreak

Get out your frustrations pumping iron

Wanna see my floorplan

Exclusive gated doorman

1 bedroom on Easy Street

'Cause I'm a USDA Prime Cut

Big man in the city

The apple is my oyster and I'm her pearl

Ole ole ole
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