Lyrics to Oldie (Remix)
Oldie (Remix) Video:
(feat. Lil' Rob, Mr. Sancho)

[Lil' Rob]
Hey what's happening homeboy
Here's a little remix for you to bump
With my homeboy Spanish Fly
And my homeboy Mr. Sancho
As if you didn't know this is Lil' Rob
Putting it down Low Profile style
That's right
Check this out

[Lil' Rob]
Lil' Rob kicking back with my homeboy Maniac getting all manac
Tell me where the ladies at, anywhere the Lil' Rob and Maniac be at
Plus I got the yerba, the yesca or whatever you wanna call it
Can't get enough of the stuff, Lil' Rob be a marijuanaholic
Causing trouble everywhere we go, don't wanna stare then we go
Hynas like to follow mi carro, baby I'll take you back tomorrow
I promise I'm honest, poke you like nopales
Don't act like you don't know porque baby tu sabes
I'd rather smoke a joint then to spend a half a night with time to prove my point
Rather go and get wasted, then sit back and have my time wasted
If you didn't know now you know just how we do it
It's Lil' Rob and Maniac popping off like a bullet

[Mr. Sancho]
Time after time, place after place
All the pedos that I found myself embraced
Got into discussion, got a concussion
Up in this vida smoking canibus sativa
With this beautiful morenita, now vete, sienta te, arriba
Chicita que bonita sabe, deja me sienta te, por acas
El hombre de los lados, carros por los manos porque sabes quiero mas
Por quiera te, a gacha te, abre la boca y calla te
Yo termino tespirdando te, y yo termino tespirdando te
Un tragico, un pisto chiquito, y quiero borracho pocito
Un carro un pocito, pisto estoy listo para tomar contigo
Estove la nove y sabes que supe, estaba con Lupe
Y gano la pussy, pero no
Me gusto, but I won't go back for more

[OG Spanish Fly]
Swig and take a sip, never slip, always tripping and dipping
Always smoking and choking and loc'ing and poking your girl
Then twirl around and roll another joint and puff it up, so what the fuck we here for
What's the beer for, it's a 2-triple-0 year so Low Profile is here, oh no
Watch when I come, duck when I buck
I don't give a fuck I'll keep you in a truck
Keep on rolling down the stream till your body's bloating and floating in a creek
Never will the cops see, who was he, just another victim of society
Fucking around with me will leave your ass six feet under the D-I-R-T
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