Lyrics to Old Man
Old Man Video:
Got a old horse
Run loose on the farm
Like a big dog
Don't do no harm

And I live down
A dead end track
Me and my horse
And them chickens out back

Raised five kids
They've all up and gone
Came up rough
Not a one went wrong

When the old woman died
They scattered in the wind
And I never know
When I'll see em again

I'm an old man
Done all I can
I been working this land
Since I was 24
I'm an old man
Ain't a whole lot going on around here anymore

Had an old dog
Lived 15 years
Train got his leg
Coon got his ear

He loved to hunt
He loved to fight
The way I used to be
On Saturday night


I still work
A good half a day
Plant a little corn
Cut a little hay

Don't want a die
Until I've lived too long
They'll sell this place
Whenever I'm gone

I miss my sweetheart so
And they way she used to smile
I miss them kids of mine
Runnin' wild

When daylight fades
In late afternoon
Bout all I know is
It was gone to soon


Ain't a whole log going on around her anymore
Ain't a whole lot going on around her any more
Songwriters: KNIGHT, CHRIS
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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