Lyrics to Old Friends
Old Friends Video:
In the house where you lived
Where the wall in the Garden's fallen down
Well something had to give

Yellow flowers in a frame
Tell the tale
We don't like to think about
Not even your name
And all this rain

And left on that chair
There's a memory I can't think about
Your silence lives there

And all this rain
This rain

Sometimes I can remember
That we smiled
Laughing through photographs
Two souls
I'll be with you ‘til the end
Quietly watching the years roll by
Old friends

In the life that you left
There's a tear that we've patched up perfectly
Keep catching this thread

And of my faith, you test
My faith, it's in shreds

But life spilled
Over the city that we built
Bridges and castles, cathedrals
History we knew so well
But here's to the tale of the old friends
And a city that crumbled and fell
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