Lyrics to Old Blue Suit
Old Blue Suit Video:
Not a day goes by
I don't wonder what might have been
I stare out the window now mornings on the train
Count the lights in the tunnel on my way to the station
I was nine once and I
had the king of hearts threaded through
the spokes of my bike
I felt like I was flying,
My shirt blowing out behind me
once when I was alive

This morning, I saw myself reflected in the window
I faded into the frame of the door
I'm a scene in a snow globe
I found in a store
It was cold
I had only ducked in to keep warm

I'd hang my life
up like a suit
Leave it behind me,
as I have been
until now

I lean against a plastic map of the subway
propped up in my old blue suit
Its morning; Its Monday
A girl across the train
has broken her umbrella
She's dripping with rain

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