Lyrics to Old Army Hat
Old Army Hat Video:
He came home to Tennessee
Young man at the end of forty five
Only one of seven men in his platoon
That made it back alive

And he must've seen some tough things
But he never said too much about all that
Put his pictures and his memories in our cedar chest
Everything but his old army hat

By the time that I was born
The winds of change had swept across our land
They were burning flags and draft cards
When they bothered to take some kind of stand

Now we used to laugh at grandpa
Like he was some old relic from the past
'Cause he never left the house unless he was wearing
That funny looking worn out army hat

Every eye was on him
Anytime when he went anywhere
They whispered and they pointed
But you could tell my grandpa didn't care

"I ain't wearing this for them", he'd say
"It's a whole lot more than that
For my buddies who gave everything
The least that I can do is keep on wearing this old army hat"

He called me up one morning
Said he'd seen it on the news on his TV
"They've opened up a monument to World War II
In Washington DC"

"I ain't getting any younger
And I wish someone would take me to see that"
And I couldn't help but think they're gonna laugh at you up there
If you show up in that silly army hat

Two strangers, both salute
As grandpa walked up to the monument
One said, "Thank you soldier, for the job well done"
The other said, "Amen"

And a young boy told him
"Sir, my daddy went to war and didn't make it back
Could you take a picture standing here beside me
And maybe let me wear your army hat"

Every eye was on him
There was not a dry one in the crowd
They whispered and they pointed
As my grandpa stood up extra tall and proud

And he told him, "Son, just keep it"
When the young boy tried his best to give it back
"You're a brave little soldier and every soldier needs
His very own authentic army hat"

"For your daddy who gave everything the least that I can do
Is pass on this old worn out army hat"

(Thanks to Alex for these lyrics)
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