Lyrics to Oi!
Oi! Video:
chaingang in the georgia sun just trudging down the road warden with his shotgun and a double buckshot load one of the inmates was a skin with a clean shaven head he raised his fist into the air and this is what he said [Chorus]oi! oi! oi! from the dead end of the street oi! oi! oi! we'll never see defeat a victim of a circumstance or the doer of a crime he made a mistake, crossed the line and now he's doing time he just wouldn't listen, he wouldn't play their game but behind prison bars, oi! music remains the same [Chorus] its the sound of the streets for the rebels who won't be tamed its for the ones who stand up proud and the ones who bare no shame whatever it is that you done or what you're gonna do when we're walking down the street, i'll remember you

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