Lyrics to Ohio
Ohio Video:
Bitch I'm from Cleveland
We're from Ohio
We're from Ohio

Ya, this your boy Fat Al

Cleveland Stand up!

I said hello world, how you doin this evening (Ohio, Ohio)
My name is Fat AL and yes I'm from Cleveland
Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland (Ohio, Ohio)
Cleveland is the city where we come from so run run

[Verse 1:]
It's the Fat AL
Ya the boy is bad
Money on my mind so I'm thinkin bout them stacks
Ya I'm on my grind so it's all about these tracks
I make hits for a livin my nigga and that's a fact
I'm from the city of the INdians, Cavaliers and Browns
But don't get it twisted my nigga we gets down
Mistake on the lake, ya right don't get drowned
Tryna front on fat al get your whole
Bring it back for the ogs that know me
Down on the block sell O-Zs
Cookin them chicken with the ol grease
Diamonds all in they gold piece
Ol school lac with the gold Ds
Kids stay up they don't go to sleep
Never be alone when you know it's beef
Open pitt that's where I eat
I'm from the Clair where they blow cheese
24s on Grand Prixs
Drop the top just to feel the breeze
Brand new Range no lease
All the girlies do my dance
50, 000, it's in my pants
I can do that
Cause I'm the man


[Verse 2:]
Don't hate, on my city
I'm from O-H
I roll with some Gs
And we don't play
The royal camp
And we gutta gutta gutta gutta
Complain that's all ya'll do
Man ya'll so lame
Ya'll can't mess with Al
Man ya'll no names
They tell me I'm the best so much they stutta stutta stutta stutta
I got girls in Toledo tryna find me like Nemo
They prolly only like me cause the flow is crack like Primo
Or maybe cause the diamonds got em so sick like Neyo
We can start a trio, I'm a best like Debo
I got a bad one in Canton, She a Leo
One up in Akron, she ain't know how to act man
I'm in and out these girls room, just like batman
Scratch that, bring it back, call me the Fat man


Ohio, Ohio

Cleveland is the city where we come from so run...
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