Lyrics to Ohhh!!!
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I'm so famous, I'm so rich [x2]

Say oh, because we're all going to hell,
Teem Geezus, bust free styles, before we
Post bail, say oh, let's watch the pockets
Get fatter, sign my name upon your t-shirt,
Girl it doesn't matter... [x2]

[Verse 1:]
I got to spark my everything, it's simple
Steps to drown on floozy's, keep the mouth
Contradiction, saddle up we crumble groupies,
Living life kind of loosely, I'm tight like
Pistol grips, tainted light is Halloween,
Watch them melt like chocolate chips, eat
Them up with liquorish, a Mr.Kool is out to
Play, a lasting lust that burrows nothing,
Never common, say my name, say oh, because
We're just so pretty, decoration never lies,
She spreads the thighs, I'm feeling silly,
Kill them rough, I'm so busy, I sets them
Off with hand claps, Waster One is never clean,
I pop my top on impact, say oh, because we're
Just so famous, rock the heads nice and hollow,
When I smile, what's the play list, mustn't
Talk when I say this, loss of life or interest,
I burn my hands to hide her sins, with a nice
Gag reflex, now an insect, Extra Kool, your
Telling fibs, may the Lord he strike you down,
Rob you blind and break your ribs, not to cry
Little kids, I'm only here to tell you lies,
That's the end of verse one, watch me break it
Down to size...



[Verse 2:]
Extra Kool's a has been, better yet, a never
Was, a broken life for white kids, stand in line
I'm giving hugs, skipping hearts, there never was,
Awareness stole my death wish, just a honky, m.I.a.,
This is how we end a sentence, I like them shaken
Not stirred, never love for fat lips, blowing hate
Up to the birds, makes it hard to stack chips, I
Never learned to speak Spanish, watch the skies
For flying devils, El Diablo's not picky, let's
Watch the Teem swing it's shovels, say oh, because
We're just so rich, I'm shaken off like wet dreams,
Working hard for that kiss, say oh, because I can't
Feel my legs, or my pockets are empty, I'm living
Lost everyday, swallow tongues for switchblades,
Wait a moment, it's a dozy, reference back to verse
One, I forgot to eat the groupies, it's a must
To shake the booties, let's watch the Teem celebrate,
That's the rest of verse two, watch us pop like
Pepper spray...


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