Lyrics to Oh Yeah!
Oh Yeah! Video:
My name is Alanis. I'm a white chick singerthe drums are a-smokin' and so's the bassShake your thingWhen you singjust sixteenno disco queenI'm a white chick singer I've seen the world I've gota lession 4u I'm your teacher girlTwo words you'll be hearin' willshake the earth so repeat after meNo need to be rehearsedCHORUS:Oh yeahMy name is Alanis I'm just sixteen soplease gimme a break I'm no disco queenJust hear what I'm sayin' you don'twanna miss I got a message 4U and itgoes like thisCHORUSRide my trainGo insaneyour teacher girlrules your worldNow don't overdo it when you shake your thingcause you'll be goin' insane when you startto singWithout special training an amateurCould be a casuality case if they singthese wordsCHORUSYo-Ah Yo-AhWo-oh Yeah!The drums are a smokin' and so's thebass they keep on pumpin' a groove and it'll melt your faceComon' everybody and blow your mindBecause you'l never escape these 2words of mineHA HA HA AH...

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