Lyrics to Oh Peadar
Oh Peadar Video:
Take number 6 hundred and 55 million

Oh Peadar this disco's a wonderful sight
The youngsters are crazy and they don't give a...damn

They're swallowing tablets called shamrocks or e,
And over in the corner there's a bloke feeling a girls..leg

The music they dance to is noisy and fast
With young ones and young fellas wiggling their...arse

They surf the internet to look at dirty porn
The stuff that they look at Peadar would give you a...heart attack

Aw Peadar you should see how Dublin has changed today since you've died
They've all sorts of funny monuments up all over the place
There's the floozy in the Jacuzzi, that's some woman in a bath in the middle of O'Connell Street
I don't know why it's there

They have the hags with the bags, that's two old women sitting on a bench talking, stupid

And there's another thing they're sticking up in the middle of O'Connell Street called The Stiletto in the Ghetto, a shoe in O'Connell Street, what kind of people are thinking of these ideas?

They'll have a picture a a statue of me up soon with my shrolley and a bottle of sherry the way they're going on

Oh and by the way after you died some woman knocked at our house with a baby in her arms claiming it was your child

Oh Peadar, if you're talking to great Aunt Annie
Tell her there was an awful smell of fish off her...fridge

I cleaned it and polished it with some flash and a rag
And it still smelled brutal tell the dirty auld hag

Also if you bump into old Uncle Bob
Tell him after he died we found cheese on his...nose

And if my cousin Martina passes your way
Tell her that her son Timothy is upstanding citizen and should be proud of the family he has reared and he hasn't turned out any way in the opposite direction if you know what I mean. He's a fine young fella, you reared him well and he's after raring a lovely family and I just thought you should let her know that you know cause she's done an upstanding job and even though she's dead she's still reaching him somehow from beyond the grave

And Peadar I hope to talk to you soon, not too soon cause I don't want to die young, you know I'm only in my late 70's but I'll see you soon me oul shegosha
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