Lyrics to Oh My
Oh My Video:
gotta clean out basement
build the new punk club
wading through the mold yeah
swimming through the sludge

what does it matter

gotta move them bikes
so that bands can play
doing what we know well
still someone will complain

is there anybody here i'll pass the hat
make a contribution if you can
make a scene lend a hand
spead some lime form a band
or just fuck off
and shut up

gotta help out on the farm
gotta shovel shit
balance soil naturally
cuz it's organic

that tractor broke
plow and dumptruck too
pace the fields at down
that's what we do

is there anybod here who'd like to speak
to each other is there another who'd like to see
this scattered group find common ground
to form a community

if the house burns down the roof don't leak
but we gotta build the house first
know what i mean
the flame of inspiration burns as it goes down
and out of town

wild chickens sturtting
with the ho's on broadway
where's kerb
they all say
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