Lyrics to Oh My Love
Oh My Love Video:
oh my my my my you are bold.
oh down down down down you will go.
into a hole where nothings real.
im glad you wont be staying here.

oh my love. hurry up.

i cant belive the things you do,
and everything you put me through.
i dont belive a word you say.
i wont partake in games you play.

oh my love. hurry up.
far too long
you've been gone.

i've often thought about sitting down and writing a letter
to ask her if she recalls wearing the squirtleneck sweater
i've got a mad crush on gene gene the dancin' machine oh
i've got a powdered nose like chuck berris...emus are mean

oh my love. hurry up.
far too long, you've been gone.
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