Lyrics to Oh My God
Oh My God Video:
Yall rap dudes are funny,
i dont feud with dummies,
i dont need no problems ,
i need food n' money,
i recall wen we used to fool wit hunnies,
that was cute as bunnies wit the smoothest tummies,
now we like brinks tryin to move this money,
run wit cast to ak-man,
rude n' crummy,
its the champion of all, n' i'm carryin a sword, i look heavy in a chevy and i'm scary in a ford, f-150 u should just run swiftly, unless u nice, u like, "u just come get me".
ya'll dudes sweet like cakes n' pies,
i go together with rap like shakes n' fries,
n' i hate them guys with hate in their eyes,
hopin we fall cant wait to rise,
yea, i'm all natural like a case of snapple,
but dont talk shit cuz the ACE'll slap u,
n' dont try to run cuz i'll chase n' catch u,
put a sharp blade to ur face n' scratch u,
watchu wanna fuck with a ninja for?
i'm like a cornered rat with an injured paw,
n' i'll bend ur jaw n' end ur tour,
even if i lose the battle i'ma win the war
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