Lyrics to Oh, The Blue
Oh, The Blue Video:
hide the blanket children in the back
sleep in consciousness they lack
curse the young who appear as the old
escape the border between desolate and gold
pass collected rowdy sons of song
the arms of seattle is where they belong
wake up when jim bean greets our hands
run to the clock tower, run to the bay salty sails

oh the greens and reds collide
they'll keep me alive tonight
oh i needed that talk with you
when you did not the make the time
for the blues, for the blues

yell for the sake of seven souls
make a train with us, help us reach our goals
give us somewhere to lay our heads
be a southern gentleman
give us sheets, your beds

oh the oranges and yellows collide
they'll keep me sober tonight
oh i meant it when i said it's you
when you broke down right in time
for the blues, for the blues

take a picture of the american kids
walked a four mason(?) with a cigarette lit
accidently, convience i'll stay
act clueless when the three we promise
makes 6, makes 7, makes 8

oh the purples and pinks collide
they'll keep me sewn together tonight
oh i could have said so much more to you
when you called me right in time
for the blues, for the blues

where were you for the blues?
where were you for the blues?
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