Lyrics to Officer M
Officer M Video:
Congratulations officer morality,
on saving the streets from the people like me.
You must be proud of yourself, making commission off of my health.
We're in a war so they'll say... anything to keep these kids away.
And all we really need in this hysteria...
partnership for a hypocrite-free America.

You won't shut me up!
I'll stand up on my own.
And no you can't look inside,
cuz I know my goddamn rights.
And I'll watch our revolution... light up again tonight.

It seems no one has any facts...
You try to tell the truth and people turn their backs.
And freedom of speech really don't ring true,
when speaking your mind will get you locked up too.


...Brother got taken down to jail,
locked up with no bail for possession and the sale of it...
And you know the cops love it.
"Have you had enough?" as they're putting him in cuffs.
Blood mixed with tears from his eyes to his ears.
Now him and his brothers turned to inmates and numbers.
7 Years of waiting turns his love into hating
which he brings back to the streets,
crashing down on you and me until we say
"Damn those thugs, 'must be the drugs..."

It's a war on our own nation, fought with misinformation.
And we cannot give up.
Oh, you know I'm right, and you can't stop our fight.
And I'll watch our revolution light up again tonight...
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