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Substitutes for human love. Less risky than a human relationship. And when the 'affair'

is over you can always put your pet to 'sleep'. An affair of convenience. The convenience of the dominant species.Capture. Domesticate. Exterminate.

Alongside the exploitation of animalsfor laboratory experimentation, the pet and petfood industry is enormous, feeding off our alienation from each other. Sentimentalizing animals to fit in with our deprivation and need for love, physical contact, and control. So the prettiest and most appealing pets are fed and pampered in return for companionship and obedience. Where have we heard that story before? The Miss World

contests? The pretty docile pets of male sexist fantasy.

Capture. Domesticate. Exterminate.

A new girl every year. A new wife every seven year itch. And the Nazis who selected the pretty Jewish girls for their

brothels in the concentration camps. They murdered the old and the ugly. Discarded

them to use their bodies for soap, lamp- shades and even to feed their guard dogs.

I was a young girl child in the second world war. All men were soldiers. I couldn't tell from their almost identical khaki uniforms which were 'ours' and which were 'the enemy'. Some of them came home on leave and mingled their tales of fighting on the front with snickering stories about the reputed brothels of Port Said, where the prostitutes were offered side by side with donkeys, who were screwed and abused just like the women were. Extra, extra thrills and treats. I couldn't understand the hot-eyed glances and laughter at these stories. I was frightened. I am still frightened. And of course male military macho ethics

approved of these brothels rather than encourage homosexual contact between

The ranks. Military regimes are terrified of love developing between soldiers. Balls

Must mean toughness and courage. But the bullet rips through and reveals the

Vulnerability of male flesh. Almost as tender as a woman? Almost as vulnerable? They dare not admit that possibility

Listen. Butchers are men. The master Race. Manipulators. Tormentors.

Manufacturers of meat. Think about it. You rape and plunder the entire range of living Creatures. You train the young to follow in Your footsteps by word and by deed. Give Up your knives. Take instead the Vulnerability of your own body. Your

Fragile penis. Cherish love between men and man. Learn the tenderness of your

own genitals before you so carelessly pene-trate the bodies of young and fertile girls.

Learn first the mysteries of contra-ception and love and respect. In the meantime do not be surprised if the rest of us rise up and turn against you. We can invoke nightmares of revenge worse Than you can imagine. And the woman may rise up who will have her knife. And in the name of life she will take up her knife, and, castrating, will avenge even the the least laboratory rat that, discarded, ends up in the tin of Pal you

may feed your pet tomorrow morning
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