Lyrics to Off White
Off White Video:
Come quick darling there isn't much time
He was standing by the door
With his raincoat on.
As the clouds began to cry.

We know how it goes
When these songs start to breathe
Once a lifeless collection,
Now puzzle pieces to the name
And who was the last to see your face
As your body drifted astray?

So prolific, a donor for grace
And it's spoken so subtle
But it's where words are placed
That counts.
Oh I can you hear you now.

I hope to do you proud
Down here, yes I pray everyday.
For every fathers working hands
And the blessed mothers of affection
And I question
That when it all comes down to us
And these off white walls.
I'm not giving up.

So quiet, a night for the brain
And it's heard so subtle
But its what it says
That counts.
Oh, I can feel you now.

Dear great story
Don't conclude the ending
I like it just fine
Here away from time
These morals so alive
Keep your hands inside the ride

(Thanks to Matt for these lyrics)
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