Off To Sea Once More Lyrics

Jerry Garcia

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Lyrics to Off To Sea Once More
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When first I came to LiverpoolI went upon a spreeMe money alas I spent too fastGot drunk as drunk could beAnd when my money was all gone'Twas then I wanted moreBut a man must be blind to make up his mindTo go to sea once moreI spent the night with AngelineToo drunk to roll in bedMy watch was new and money tooIn the mornin' with 'em she fledAnd as I roamed the streets aboutThe whores they all would roarHere comes Jack Rack, the young sailin' ladHe must go to sea once moreAs I was walkin' down the streetI met with Rapper BrownI asked for him to take me inAnd he looked at me with a frownHe said "Last time you was paid offWith me you jobbed no scoreBut I'll take your advance and I'll give ya's a chanceAnd I'll send you to sea once moreI hired me aboard of a whaling shipBound for the Artic seasWhere the cold winds blow through the frost and the snowAnd Jamaican rum would freezeAnd worst and bear I'd no hard weather gearFor I'd lost all my money ashore'Twas then that I wished that I was deadSo I'd gone to sea no moreSome days we're catching whales me ladsAnd some days we're catching noneWith a twenty foot oar cocked in our handsFrom four o'clock in the mornAnd when the shades of night come inWe rest on our weary oar'Twas then I wished that I was deadOr safe with the girls ashoreCome all you bold seafarin' menAnd listen to my songIf you come off of them long tripsI'd have ya's not go wrongTake my advice, drink no strong drinkDon't go sleeping with no whoresGet married lads and have all night inSo you'll go to sea no more

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