Lyrics to Off The Wall
Off The Wall Video:
I just saw a rainbow fall into the floor
Shattered into pieces, your eyes asked what for
These days I’m all alone out in the middle of the world
These days I’m trying to tell myself you’re just another girl

I can see the red door slamming on the stage
Chaos in the streets, these are the days of rage
These days are so uncertain satellites falling to the sea
These days its all a question of what matters to you and me

Watch me as I fall
Then scrape me off the wall
And take me home
See me as I am
Just half a man
Trying to get home

Explosions in the city, explosions deep in me
Someone in the crowd has me falling at her feet
These days are so uncommon flashing lights and siren’s calls
These days I’m trying hard to keep from falling off the wall

Its written in the sand
The life and death of man
As old as stone
Take me as I am
Take my hand
And take me home
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