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Let me ask this question real quick, umm, as far as the Smif-N-Wessun
and the name change and everything like that; now how did that come
about? How did that evolve into the Cocoa Brovaz and everything like

That was jealousy, man. That's all that is, man. (Jealousy, man)
Jealousy and ignorance, man.

Niggaz got me stressed, man
Oh, just burn a spliff don't worry about that

[Professor X]
In my pink Cadi, I have a ?????
Uncle Sam arms men to kill in the 'hood
I make 'em snap it, test it
My choice of weapon
That Smif-N-Wessun, mmmmm
Sue me for the namesake
Yo, who's pimpin'
Yo, who's pimpin'

I woke up in the morning, what did I see
Unknown faces starin' down at me
First off with the flee
As fear overpowered me
Cloriphil got me ready to black, I can't breathe
Niggaz askin' me who's Smif and who's Wessun
We got you now we're lookin' for your partner 'cause you're messin'
With the incomin' currency
And frankly we don't give a fuck about your privacy
We been watchin' you for a while now
We know about the calls made back and forth down south
Word of mouth
You had your peoples workin' out
But I doubt you had 'em lookin' out
'Cause we can pick 'em out
Now we got 'em listed on our internet systems
Know about the crimes and the names of all their victims
Even got the pinpoint spotter where you hang
You got big dreams comin' 'round tryin' to change things

Let me say
Why they try to suffocate and stifle all of our intentions
They want our suffarations, trial and tribulations, too much to
Well, tell them that we no 'fraid
We don't have a big gate
From every corner, angle, and section
??????????????????not quite far
I see '99 in crystal ball
Them city-order ducks softly walk

I got suppenoed by the government the other day
I opened it and read it
It said they was suin'
Said I couldn't move the way that I was movin'
And I couldn't do the things that I was doin'
Causin' mass confusion with the name that we was usin'
Said they gun sales was conflictin' with our music
Sent me multi-paid contracts just to prove it
The trademarks on belt-buckles, shirts, and knives
Ain't that the most off the wall shit you heard in your life
Probably heard his junior singin' Mr. Ripper's in Your Area
Feel your heart skip a beat as I'm nearin you
I'm hearin' ya
Askin' yo seed, who was me
At the same time you break my classic CD
Run it to the phone callin' up ?????
I had it up to here with these damn rap neegers
They even got my local boys sayin' that stuff
I wanna draft my plain data for a million plush

I gotta letter from the corporate the other day
I open and read it
They said they was suin'
Somethin' about we was causin' confusion
Wanted me and my son to change the name we was usin'
Had our associates nervous
Soup, try to serve it
Got our investors actin' real shady tryin' to jerk us
Got Tek ready to break somethin'
I'm chillin' and stayed pumpin'
Say somethin'
I tell you why the frame won't even think nothin'

Hell fell
Oh, well
I yell
We gonna send 'em all to hell [x2]

[Professor X]
So you're hesitant
Where a brother quest to represent
I sense no hinder, gender, two-faced intent
In fact, cops signed the last government
Yeah, umm
So where's your first world war
Now presently on tour
Come on knockin' at your door
Your revolver took down many of '90's lords
Cut to that ad campaign, your gun stores
So they welcome your floor of a tribe called Cocoa
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