Lyrics to Off The Record
Off The Record Video:
I got a letter from your lawyer And you got one from mine They say It`s gonna be final Once we sign that dotted line We`ll I guess we`ll get our freedom And a so called fresh new start But when you take half of everything You`ll be taking half my heart Our love got lost somewhere in life`s complications Torn between two lawyers and all their legal litigations Chorus: Off the record, there`s something I need to say to you This ain`t easy but it`s what my heart has to do Cause I can`t let you go until I let you know Off the record, I`m still in love with you I took down our wedding picture From above the fireplace And I stood there awhile Starring at your pretty face Have we lost our love To differences we can`t resolve I guess if push comes to shove Thank God no children are involved I can still see you throwing your rose bouquet I never thought I`d see the day we`d throw it all away Chorus Solo Bridge I`ve done all I can do now all I can do is pray And ask the Lord to let me hear you say Chorus

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